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Welcome to our live service outline!

Wanna know how it works?


It's pretty simple to follow along using this live service outline.. So here is how it works: You will see the scriptures and the points with the fill-ins just like you would on paper; though they might be displayed differently to better show up on your screen. 


So to fill them in on here, all you have to do is wait for the speaker to give you the fill-in, and then you touch or click the button that says "Select to Fill-In" and the page will promt you with a password to move on. The password will be... the fill-in (of course!). Keep in mind that since the site treats it like a security based password, it is case sensitive. We will always match the case to what is displayed on the screen in powerpoint.  When you have finished the whole outline, you will be able to download the outline to your device if you want. So happy outlining!

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