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The Modern Parenting Playbook Series

Part 1 - Parenting On Purpose

Parenting can be tricky in the modern world, but there's some age old advice that still works even today. Jump in with us as we discuss parenting on purpose.

Part 2 - Teaching Our Children

Teaching our kids requires us to have a teaching plan. If we don't know what we want them to know, we're not going to be much good at getting them where we want them to be. That's why it's so important that we carefully think through our plans for what we want to teach them and when, which is what we are going to dig into in this video.

Part 3 - Family Rhythms

Doing the right things to strengthen your family can be difficult to sustain when we have to keep thinking about which right things to do over and over and over. Sometimes the best way to get great results over and over is to think through your family routines that will create the results you want, then repeat those routines on a weekly basis. Join us as we talk about the value of family rhythms in a Godly household.

Part 4 - Godly Discipline

We're going to delve into what it means to really leverage discipline in a Godly way so that children can grow up to become the very best version of themselves possible.

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