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Hopeland Kids | Birth-5 Grade

If you have young children, Hopeland Kids is the place for them! Your children can gather in their class during our Sunday morning services. When you arrive, you can go to the sign-in booth in the lobby. We have a self-serve nursery, a preschool class, and an elementary class, as well as a family room for those with newborns and infants to be with their children. Your kids will have a program tailored to them, each with their own worship experience and carefully crafted messages designed to reach them.


For our younger students, we strive to create a fun place for them where they can learn about the God they belong to. They often play games and create crafts related to the subject matter discussed.

begins at 10:00 AM

Kids program available on Sunday mornings:

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Are you a nursing mom or a parent with a newborn? The Family Room is a special space with couches, chairs, and tables available for you to tend to your baby, as well as watch the service through a live feed.


6 Months to 2 years


For families with children who are 6 months to 2 years old, feel free to hang out in our serf-serve nursery.


Your kids can play with others in their age range while you view the service through our live feed on the large monitor.

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2 years-5 years


Is your child coloring, talking, and potty trained? Well, we have a place for them. At the preschool level, we have a program tailored for your child that is fun and engaging, as well as educational.


We teach the preschool class the basics of Christianity such as Noah's Ark, Adam & Eve, Moses and the Plagues, and more.


We also have a bathroom just for your potty-trained child with a lowered toilet so that your child doesn't have to leave the children's area to use the restroom.


begins at 10:00 AM


Kindergarten-5th Grade


If you have a growing elementary student we have a place for them too! Our elementary class is designed to be fun and informative. They learn things like the 10 commandments, about Jesus and the cross and other things that are foundational for the faith.


begins at 10:00 AM

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