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Hopeland Next Generation

At Hopeland we are absolutely committed to creating a church that emphasizes those coming after us: our children and their children. They are a priority to us. We also desire a unified church where each part of our generational community is connected, while still designing focused ministries for each stage of life. Right now we have it broken into two different age groups:


Hopeland Kids: K-5


Invigorate: Jr & Sr High (6-12 Grade)


We want to ensure that our church develops strong followers of Christ that understand the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus at a young age. At Hopeland, we are investing in a group of young followers so that they can grasp the critical nature of integrity in our everyday lives derived from the Word of God.


Furthermore, we believe that the Church belongs in every part of society. We are preparing a force of young people that will bring the principles of Jesus into all walks of life whether that be in the McDonalds drive through or in the seat of the CEO for a large corporation.

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