What to Expect

We're SMALL: We're not the mega church down the street, though we're not against that either. We're a church plant. But we believe God has called our church to reach as many as we can with the good news that Jesus has a great plan for them. So if you come on a weekend, you can expect about 60-80 of us to gather on a Sunday.

Music is KICKIN: Our music is edgy and we like it loud. About 104dB for those of you who know what that means (don't worry, it's not THAT loud - but it's got some kick to it). We have a full band, we rock it on the drum-set and electric guitars and oh yeah: we like synth... a lot. Our music centers largely around glorifying Jesus and our great, mighty God with both celebration as well as intimate songs. There will be flashing lights and there will be some haze - that's just how we roll at Hopeland.

Speaking is RELEVANT: We talk about Jesus, His Kingdom, His book (that's the Bible in case you were wondering) and about practical things that the Bible says about living out our lives everyday. We talk about relationships, money, love, hope, faith, work, life, hurt, pain, purpose and so much more.


So if you're facing some difficulties right now, if you're seeking out God's purpose for your life, or if you're just looking for a church where you can connect with decent people while exploring the plan God has for you, our messages are meant for you!

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