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Endless Worship

Our church strongly believes in the verse in the Bible that says "sing to the Lord a new song." This statement is not only made once, but a repeated command many times over. Music seems to be close to the heart of the Lord, and He desires His church to continually reinvent ways of declaring His glory in the world.  That's why our church records and releases original music, and has done so since we began.

Last year we rebranded our worship team from "Hopeland Church" to "Endless Worship" to give more meaning to the name. We believe that our worship should never end, and when we come to faith, our lives become "endless" with eternal life in Christ, which is worth celebrating with rock concerts on Sunday morning.


If you have any questions about using the music for your church, feel free to reach out to us at:


Below you'll find some of the music we have already released.

Right Into Your Arms - Endless.001.jpeg

Right Into Your Arms

Released: May 25, 2018

Track List:

1. Right Into Your Arms

2. Free Us All

3. Higher Than It All

4. Paid the Price

5. Electric

6. Higher Than It All (Radio Edit)

Square Promotions - Ignite Our Hearts.00

Ignite Our Hearts

Released: May 2011

Track List:

1.    Kingdom Generation
2.    Now and Forever
3.    Go!
4.    Praise Our God
5.    In This Life
6.    Selah (Our Love Will Rise)
7.    Ignite Our Hearts
8.    Love Tidal Wave
9.    Trust You
10.    Carried to Calvary
11.    God Is Alive
12.    Creation Adores You
13.    This Is Our Hope

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